What They Be Doin’ Now? The Presidents of the United States of America

Welcome to a new piece that I’ve been trying to get started for well over a year now. This is my version of Where Are They Now? It’s called What They Be Doin’ Now? and the premise is one you’ve heard before. It all started when one day I heard a song by a 90s band I hadn’t heard in a long time, and it made me wonder what they were up to now. If they had survived, if they hadn’t. If the members went their separate ways and joined other bands. Because as we all know, especially of those 90s born bands, they were once Kings but are now… eh? …eh?

Sure we know Pearl Jam is still around and kicking, because they’re never going to go anywhere. Green Day is still going strong, for the most part. The Foo Fighters are still, in my opinion, one of the greatest rock bands of all time, and thank the gods above they’re still rocking hard.

But what about the rest of them? I’m sure they got fans out there still wanting to see them play. So are they touring? Recording? No matter the answer, I’m almost always surprised by what I find out, and this one is no different.
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Great Commercials: Tivo Bolt

I saw this during a football game and laughed too hard at it. Classic.

Great Commercials: Squatty Potty

I just discovered this product, and while it looks like a great product and one I will have to buy, the commercial for it is amazing. Behold.

Back To The Future 2 Shouldn’t Have Happened

Those of you who like to pick apart movies and over-analyze things already know that the Back To The Future series is full of plot holes and paradoxes. I did a very short search to find a list of what is most likely just some of those, and I haven’t seen the one I noticed yet, so I’m going to mention it here.

A list I really liked that keyed me in to some of those plot holes and paradoxes is on Den Of Geek, check it out.

Marty, Doc and company travel to October 21, 2015 in BTTF2, and that date happened a week ago, so naturally it was BTTF Day all over the net. That made me think how I hadn’t watched them in a while, and I was about due, so I got my trilogy out and watched the first movie. Tonight I decided to watch the second movie, and for the first time ever, I noticed something that stuck out so terribly that I can’t believe after all this time I just figured it out. I also know that out there somewhere, someone probably already figured this out a long time ago. In any case, here it is.

In the series, Doc constantly says how they shouldn’t mess with anything, they should just study the past and future. Otherwise, just let it ride. Of course they completely blow this in the very first movie, and that has been pointed out many times already.

I like how just as they end the conflict in the first one, just a minute later, Doc returns from 2015 to tell Jennifer and Marty they have to go with him to the future to save their kids from making a mistake.

That’s the plot for BTTF2. To go into the future and completely change the course of natural history. So much for don’t touch anything, take only pictures.
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Me, Interrupted

There’s nothing quite like not being heard. And a great way to tell someone you’re not listening to them, or that you have no care as to what they’ve got to say, is to interrupt them while they’re speaking, and not be polite enough to say something to the effect of “I’m sorry, you were saying?”

Every parent tries to teach their kids not to interrupt, or at least they should. That’s the parents’ way of saying they don’t care what the kids have to say, but to be honest, no parent really cares what nonsense their kids have to say. The lucky thing is, it’s also a good way to teach them not to interrupt, because interrupting someone is rude.

I know a lot of people who love to talk, for whatever reason. I can only guess that they love to talk because they don’t get much of a chance to talk otherwise. Whether they have nobody to talk to, or they have tons of people in their lives who don’t care what they have to say, I don’t know. My dad is one of them, and I know that he just loves to talk, but he also has nobody to talk to.

It’s actually my dad’s life force. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been hanging out with him and he’s been talking away. And then one guy shows up he doesn’t really care for, so he stops talking, and he literally falls asleep minutes after not talking.
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