Texting And Driving

For the last few years everyone has been going ape shit over texting and driving, but it seems recently they’ve been going even more aper shitter over it. I just watched a terrible video by Salt & Light Productions that is full of lies and complete bullshit aimed at people who text and drive to get them to stop doing it. Here, watch it.

The message should be, don’t do anything stupid while you’re driving, and they shouldn’t be limiting it to one thing. The problems I have with this video (and this entire campaign) starts there. Don’t do distracting things while driving.

Emy was killed when her car blah blah blah. Yeah, that’ll kill you. Maybe you should have learned to fucking drive. Taylor should have, too. They didn’t respect their cars, or the others on the road around them and they got what they had coming to them. Instead, there are people out there who are going to see that and say, “That’s so terrible. If they just weren’t texting…” Listen, if they were bad enough drivers that they would purposefully distract themselves from driving WHILE driving, it was just a matter of time before they were going to die in a terrible crash they caused anyway, regardless of how they caused it.
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Registered Sex Offender Wins Lottery

Slow news day? Nah, the news reports unnecessary shit all the time. Recently reported and trending on Facebook is a story about a registered sex offender in Florida who won a $3 million lottery.

I know you know me well enough by now to know what I really have to say about this, so say it with me.


Very good, class. Now let’s analyze why this is a completely fucking worthless story and how it is in no way news. Taken directly from the source I linked to above.

“At the Florida Lottery headquarters, Timothy Poole, 43, posed for a photo with an oversized check after claiming his $3 million Scratch-Off prize. But when the image hit the Internet, others recognized the 450-pound man as a registered sexual predator.”

People recognized him as a sexual predator! Quick! Arrest this man! Oh wait, he’s a REGISTERED sexual predator. You know, those people have already been identified, so good job at seeing what’s already been seen and pointing it out to others. Don’t let your jealousy of someone who’s not you winning the lottery overcome you. There’s no law against sexual predators winning the lottery, or even playing the lottery. Good for him for winning, move the fuck on.
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Tony Williams Is Not A Saint

If you didn’t see it on TV like I did, you may have at least heard by now about a New Orleans Saints fan, named Tony Williams, who stole a football being given to a woman Bengals fan by one of the Cincinnati Bengals, Jermaine Gresham, after he scored a touchdown.

The whole incident was caught on video as it happened. Jermaine ran to the stands and tossed the touchdown football to a woman who was wearing a Bengals jersey. Since the game was taking place in New Orleans, the Bengals fans stood out, especially the woman wearing the jersey, as she was quite a cutie.

Jermaine tossed the ball to her, but a giant Saints fan sitting right next to where she was standing stood up and snatched the football out of her hands, almost striking her in the face with an elbow. He was twice her size. He immediately sat down and placed the ball under his right arm, while a man sitting next to him, probably a buddy of his, seemed to laugh about the incident, as did a man sitting behind him.

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“We have to love each other. You hear me? It’s up to us.”


You know, I’ve said it time and time again. I don’t trust cops. This is another reason why. This is truly disgusting. I know good cops are out there, but there aren’t enough of them. What year is this? Why are we still dealing with this crap? I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

Originally posted on King of States!:

My friend-who-I don’t-keep-in-touch-with-as-much-as-I-should Charmaine Chua posted this story on Facebook earlier today. I read it, threw up in my mouth a little, read it again, and threw up a little more.

I asked her if I could share it. At the risk of causing you to throw up in your mouth as well, here it is.

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Taylor Swift Is A Big Stupid Head

I should be using this time to do something more productive, like mow my driveway or wash my roof. Instead, I’m caught reading an article as to why Taylor Swift pulled her music from Spotify.

Let’s get two things straight.

1) I do not use Spotify, so I really don’t give much of a fuck who they play.
2) I don’t listen to Taylor Swift, so I really don’t give much of a fuck where her music is played.

A friend of mine posted that story I just linked to on Facebook and said, “And look there someone finally said it out loud!!!”

Well, actually people have been saying it for quite a while. Jimmy Buffett recently went up against the founder of Spotify and told him he needs to pay out more money to the artists he plays. I wrote an article about it.

Like I said in that article, the labels are the ones who get all the money. If Taylor has an issue with how much Spotify pays, she should take it up with her label, Big Machine.
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