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I bitch a lot.

Websites That Suck

Here’s looking at you, Western Union.

A buddy of mine just sent me a message on Facebook asking for help. He said he needed money sent to a place in Illinois via Western Union and he was having issues with his phone. As it turned out he was also very tired and didn’t realize he could just call Western Union, and eventually that’s what he did. Which is good, because otherwise the money wasn’t going to be sent. At least not from Western Union’s website.

I’ve never had to deal with that company, and after this experience I hope I never have to again. You see, their website is optimized to allow you to use their service on it. Businesses love having their website do work, because then they don’t have to pay an employee to do that work. The website does it for free. And usually businesses spend lots of money on those websites so that their customers will use them over their competition’s websites.

It’s all about money. You want to stay ahead of the competition, or at the very least, stay up to speed with them. In this world of technology, with everything and everyone online, if you want to have a successful business, you have to have a successful website. ESPECIALLY if you’re a customer service oriented business.

For instance, the pizza place I work for has a website, and customers can use that website to place orders. When the company first implemented that, they pushed it hard to their customers. Hell yeah, if they can have all of their customers ordering online, that frees up the employees in the store to do other shit instead of answering phones. Get more done for the same amount of labor cost.

If a business is going to pump money into an online system that makes their business run better and more cost efficient, they want it to make its money back by working properly. The pizza place I work for, apparently, doesn’t give one atom of a fuck if their online ordering works or not. For the last few months it has been acting up and impossible to use, yet for some reason they haven’t bothered fixing it. It tells all of our customers that we’re out of cheese, and when orders come through it tells us the customers want no cheese on their pizzas. It also tells certain customers they live outside of our delivery range when they’re right down the street from our store.

The point here is, if you’re going to offer your customers your service on your website, make sure that shit works. Western Union, one of the largest businesses in the country who specialize in getting money from one place to another quickly for a nominal fee, also don’t give a shit about their website working.
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Captain Obvious Strikes Again

I don’t know if it pisses me off or if it’s entertainment, but one thing is for sure. People who feel the desire to explain things when they don’t need explained, get a rise out of me. Whether they’re doing it absentmindedly, or because they feel they have to explain, or more importantly, because THEY just figured it out and have to explain it because something almost got by them, I always seem to find it as an amusing annoyance.

Now, let me go over what I just said. I think the absentminded people and those who just figured it out and explain it because they’re kind of talking their own way through it, are the ones who make up the majority of those who do this. And that scares me. These people’s brains are working it all out just slightly slower than real time. And sometimes they have to talk to themselves while it’s going on or they’re going to lose their train of thought and it’s all going to go zipping by them and they’ll miss it all.

That thing they’re figuring out? Nothing complicated. That’s what makes it terribly sad, depressing, and unfortunate. It’s not a big math problem or some labyrinth of words and riddles woven together like a ball of mismatched yarn that needs to be organized by color before the next page can be turned. It’s every day simple shit that they have to explain, absentmindedly, unbeknownst to them that they’re actually doing it. Baby steps. It’s something they have to do to stay on track. They’re probably talking to themselves in the morning while they’re dressing themselves, just so a short while later they’re not leaving the house without pants on.

To give you an idea of what I mean, I’m going to give you this tiny phrase made by one person who caused this entire post. Because I know people like her who do this very thing, and it drives me insane. Some of you will get it right away and sadly, some of you will have no idea why this is a problem to me.

My mom sent me a link to a video on Youtube. It seems to me like it’s probably a school project for CGI. While it’s well done, it’s kind of pointless. A bunch of giraffes are high diving into a pool. The animation looks great, but what’s the fucking point to any of it? So yeah, that’s why I think it’s maybe a college project or something. Here, check it out.
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Blatant Rip Offs

I’m kind of sick of rip offs. Or followers. It wasn’t that long ago that following got you nowhere. Now you’re expected to do it to get anywhere.

As a musician you have to sound like everyone else in order to sell albums, or digital downloads, whatever. In movies, there’s a theme now that you have to not act your way to success. I enjoy their movies, but Seth Rogen and company, everybody who are typically in his movies, are all the same person in every movie they do. And that person? Themselves. Acting in movies now means you get in front of a camera and say your lines. They’re not the only ones.

The point here is, I’m sick of it. There’s not a lot of originality going on anymore. Why is that? Have we run out of originality? Hollywood has, as they reboot and sequel every movie that has come out in the last 30 years instead of putting out very many new ideas.

To give you a quick example of something I’ve been seeing a lot of lately, first I want you to take a look at the source material.


You don’t have to be a fan to know who AC/DC is. They’ve been around for 40 years this year and they’re one of the highest selling bands of all time. Never mind that almost everybody around the world has heard at least one of their songs. So sure, why not rip them off?
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Completely Selfish

Do you know what the problem with this country is? It’s our infatuation with celebrities. I’ve mentioned time and time again how much I can’t stand the desire to know everything about a celebrity’s personal life. And those who thrive on it are the ruination of our country. I’m sure this problem is global, but fuck the rest of the world, I live here, in the good ol’ United States of Asshats.

I just found out, by happenstance, that the queen of celebrities, the woman everybody just can’t get enough of, Kim Kardashian, is putting out a picture book of her selfies, aptly titled Selfish.

I can think of many other appropriate names for it. Like Shitty, Worthless, Go Spend Your Money On Something Else Like A Charity, You’ll Get More Satisfaction If You Just Set Your Money On Fire Unless You Plan On Setting This Book On Fire, Pictures Of A Stupid Whore, The Place Where Kanye Keeps His Dick At Night
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More Like STUPID Phones

I’m getting so sick of the bullshit with smartphones. Like, really sick. Every aspect of them is a pile of lies and shit. Starting with their name, “SMART phones.” Sure they’re phones, sort of, considering the actual phone portion of them is secondary to all of the other bullshit. But “smart?” We all know that’s a load of shit. Do I even need to bring up auto correct? Something that works so bad it’s got it’s own popular series of internet memes and a website dedicated to bringing them to us, as well as tons of articles written by various websites showing us just how bad a feature this is.

Go download an app. Go ahead, do it. I’ll wait. In the app store, how big was the file you were downloading to your phone? Let’s just say it was 22.14 MB, for no particular reason at all. Download it. Now go look at how big the app is. I can guarantee you without a shadow of doubt that it is much larger than that. Why? Because they lied.

There’s no reason for it. Why can’t they tell us how big the app is initially? I don’t know. Why do they lie? I don’t know. I really don’t know why anybody lies, unless they just get off on that sort of thing.

Why can you only move certain apps to your SD card and not others? I don’t know.

I don’t have a lot of shit on my phone. I really don’t. There are only a few apps I use all the time. Everything else, the bulk of what is on my phone, is on my SD card, and it was all music. See how I said “was?” That’s because I just had yet another issue with my phone.

Here’s what happened. Once again I had insufficient space in my phone’s storage to update those few apps I have. I don’t know why, other than the space on my phone was just suddenly gone. Oh, I’ve deleted the cache and temporary files. Many times. I did it again today because I wanted to update those few apps I have to make them current, found out I had insufficient space, and began removing a ton of shit from my phone because this happens every time I try to update my shit and I’m sick of it.
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