You Don’t Understand

I hate a lot of things in this world, almost all of them are related to people in one way or another. One of the things we’ve become good at is using words or phrases out of habit instead of their intended use. One of the ones I hate more than any other is “You don’t understand.”

Some people say it between sentences like they’re taking a breath. For instance, a few years ago someone I know was reacquainted with her long lost brother. I took her to meet him after 16 years of not seeing each other. It was awesome that they finally found one another.

While we were having lunch and they were catching up, he kept saying, “Oh, you don’t understand…” and then would say something about how he searched for her here and there.

Uh, yeah, she DOES understand. She’s the one who found you because she was looking for you for 16 years, just like you were looking for her. You were both in the same situation. If anybody understands EXACTLY WHAT THE FUCK YOU WERE GOING THROUGH, it was her.

He must have said it 100 times. He began every sentence with that phrase. I wanted to shove a brick in his mouth to keep him from saying it again.
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Fact Checking The Internet

It’s getting so bad anymore that I just don’t want to hear or read anything. I’ve already stopped watching the news because of the horrible shit that is shown on it all the time. And now, damn you internet, for being so full of shit.

Naturally you can’t believe anything you read online. Hell, how can you fact check anything you read online, by doing the fact checking online?

I started following a website called ViralNova, because they have nice articles. I say “nice” because they are. Pictures of cute animals or interesting stuff. Things that are nice, not horrible (for the most part). I need less horrible in my life and more nice.

And then, just now, I came across this article, 29 Weird History Facts You Probably Didn’t Learn In High School. I read the article, found it to be amazing, then did some fact checking. That’s when I realized I didn’t learn this stuff in school because some of it is complete bullshit. That’s when I also realized that even ViralNova doesn’t fact check, like most of the people on Facebook who post this shit and freak out.

Out of the 29 things ViralNova listed, they got a few wrong.
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First Post Challenge

I was nominated by the amazingly amazing Joey over at yon Joeyfully Stated.

I don’t know what makes this a challenge. It’s more of a suggestion. Anyway, here are the rules.

Copy-paste, link, pingback, etc. your first post.

Identify the post: introduction, story, poem.

Explain why it was your first post.

Nominate five other bloggers.

My first post.

Racist Ghostbusters

As I’ve mentioned before, I had another site a while back were I wrote Editorials, but I lost the site and I had gone a few years without one. I had been wanting to start another one but didn’t really have anything to write about. The urge to write grew and grew until finally I had to do something about it. And then an old idea I had about the Ghostbusters being racist came to me and I finally had my first post. I thought I opened it up well enough, to show off my sarcasm and sense of humor, but despite that, some people don’t get it and never will. Eh.

Also, that first post is still regularly one of my most visited posts here. So there’s that.

Hmmm, five other bloggers, eh? Here goes. Naturally if you’ve already done this, don’t do it again. That would just be repeating yourself, and nobody wants that.

Nobody wants that.

Mental Defecation

Goddess, Living Out Loud

Rob Simple

Lori Kurtzman

And somebody else, probably.

Movie Review: Jurassic World

What movie do you think of when I lay it out like this…

Rich dude opens a theme park on an island to showcase cloned dinosaurs to the world. Experts say things will go horribly wrong, rich dude says whatevs, and then things go horribly wrong. Dinosaurs escape their fences and start eating people. Two kids are in the hands of a guy who is saving the entire park from the dinosaurs. In the end there’s an epic battle between Raptors and a Rex and the park is shut down.


Jurassic Park? Sure, and its current sequel, Jurassic World, which has broken worldwide records for money made. The two movies are basically the same damn story which has people calling this a reboot when it is clearly a sequel. Despite that, a lot of people are also calling it a crappy movie, which it was.

I really didn’t care for it at all.
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The Rainbow White House