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Have You Given A Fuck Lately?


Beefy Ecards: Y U NO WORK FACEBOOK?!?!

I just saw my Facebook Movie, this thing Facebook slapped together for everybody because they’ve been around for 10 years and it’s big news.

Facebook Turns 10
Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Facebook, the popular social networking site, turns ten years old today.

“It’s big news.” – Myspace

Here’s the one they made for me.



Beefy Ecards: Bengals In The Playoffs


Movie Sequels?

In the world of movies we’re sometimes promised a sequel, especially at the end of a comedy. It’s happened time and time again… they promise a sequel but they were just kidding. HA! Funny joke.

Sure there are tons of instances where sequels are actually announced by a director or writer or studio and then nothing happens. Or a sequel is started and then falls flat and nothing ever comes of it. Like in the case of Sleepaway Camp 4: The Survivor, where scenes were filmed but the filmmakers went bankrupt before they were done, so someone else pieced the filmed scenes together and released it as a shitty, half-assed movie. Or the star who originally green-lights it drops out because he’s an idiot, like with Dumb & Dumber 2.

Lately I’ve heard of a few different sequels that ACTUALLY HAPPENED… sort of… It pisses me off because it was like, we got more of what we all seemed to want, but not entirely. It’s kind of like wanting to eat some pizza and someone gives you some pizza flavored Combos.

"Pizzeria?" So these taste like a pizza shop? Mmm.

“Pizzeria?” So these taste like a pizza shop? Mmm.

Here are a few movies that gave the fans what they wanted. Kinda sorta…

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Beefy Ecards: Like Dogs